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Security Policy

In order to protect the information security of both of you and the Website, the "Official Website of the Public Works Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government"(hereinafter referred to as the "Website") establishes the following security policy for the Website in accordance with the Computer-Processed Privacy Information Protection , in order to explain the measures taken by the Website for the information and community security.


I. Scope

The following security policy applies to the collection, utilization and protection of personal information involved in your access to the Website, provided that it doesn't apply to the other links installed at the Website and when you links any other website, the security policy established by that website shall apply.


II. Link with other websites

The Website's information security policy only applies to the "Website of Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government". There might be some hyperlinks other than those belonging to the Website or webpages at the Website, so that users might access such hyperlinks via the Website. Irrelevant with whether those hyperlinks establish their own security policies or not, or what the contents of their own securities policies, if any, are, the Website’s security policy does not apply to those hyperlinks.


III. Security measures and regulations

Any attempt to upload or alter any services and related information provided by the Bureau without license is strictly forbidden and might be against laws. For the purpose of the Website’s security and in order to ensure that the Website may keep providing all users with the service, the Website provides the following security protection measures:


1.The Kaohsiung City Government's internet backbone applies the intrusion detection system to control the network traffic system and to identify any user who attempts to upload or alter the webpage information without license or ruin the Website intentionally.


2.The Kaohsiung City Government installs the firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction or theft of information to prevent the Website from being accessed without license and protect your interest and right.


3.The Website logs the response for each link of the IP with the Website. Therefore, completeness of the logs for link with the Website is confirmed.


4. The Website’s host is equipped with anti-virus software to scan virus periodically to provide users with safer web surfing environment.


5.The Website's host is equipped with the three-in-one system consisting of firewall, intrusion detection and anti-virus functions, and updates the definition code periodically, scan virus and weakness periodically, and check the fixing of bugs in the system periodically.


6. Confidential and sensitive information or documents will not be stored on the webpages or information systems open to the public. Confidential documents shall not be transmitted via email.


7. Data on the Website's host will be backed up to another host remotely on a daily basis.


8. The Website will receive all emails regarding maintenance of security sent by the related operating system suppliers or APP suppliers, and install appropriate PATCH per the suggestions referred to in the emails.

Updated Date :2018-01-12