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Construction Office:

Planning And Construction Of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Plazas, Harbor, Roads Connecting The Airport And Other Public Infrastructure Projects.


Maintenance Office:

Maintenance And Improvement Of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels And Transportation Facilities.

Planning And Construction Of Parks, Green Spaces, Plazas, Playing Grounds, And Planting Street Tress And Garden.


Building Violations Enforcement Corp:

Demolition Of Illegal Buildings For The Development Of Major Infrastructure Projects.

Demolition And Removal Of Illegal Advertising Signs, Illegal Buildings And Illegal Objects.

Disaster Preparedness And Responsive Plan.


Department of Building Affairs:

Issuing Building Permits, Carrying Out Public Safety Inspection.

Administration Of Architects And Construction Industry.

Management Of Buildings And Advertising Signs.

Construction Management.


Department of Planning:

Reviewing Proposals Submitted By Construction Office, Maintenance Office And Sewage Systems Office.

Providing Counseling And Supervising Assistance To Construction Work.

Construction Techniques R&D, Managing Construction Interface.

Auditing Government Procurement.


Kaohsiung City Road Excavation Administration Center:

Pipelines Management


Civil Service Ethics Office:

Corruption Prevent And Handling Impeachment.

Protection Of Safety And Confidentiality Of Government Information.

Procurement, Tender And Public Reading Of Bids.


Personnel Office:

Human Resource Planning, Training And Management.

Recruitment And Dismissal, Merit System, Welfare.


Accounting Office:

Budget, Accounting, Statistics.



Documentation, Research Development And Evaluation, Administration.

Legislation, Handling Complaints From The Public, Public Relation.


Information Management Office:

Maintenance And Updating Of Information System, Hardware And Software.

Providing Training And Technical Support.

Coordination Of Information System Interface.

Updated Date :2021-08-12